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For the men and women of America's military, the mission will never be completely finished until all those who wear the uniform return home from duty.Holding steadfast to a solemn oath, they refuse to abandon their comrades-in-arms to an uncertain fate. Fighting to secure their homecoming and uphold their honor, they carry the cause of freedom to every corner of the globe, battling America's enemies in the name of their fellow warriors. As they continue the fight on near and distant shores, they inspire us all to stand watch with them until every American warrior has been recovered.This coin is dedicated to the uncompromising vigilance and tireless dedication of all those who keep watch for America's unsung heroes. The obverse features a rendering of the POW-MIA emblem, which contains a silhouetted soldier with his head slightly bowed standing in the shadow of a guard tower. The reverse bears the official seals of the five branches of the military.Minted in a brass alloy, the obverse is hand-enameled in black, bringing the image of the soldier into bold relief. Each coin comes packaged with a detailed header card that describes the vigilance and commitment of those who will not rest until every American warrior comes home.

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