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About Us

About FORT AMERICA AT THE PENTAGON ® Products and Services

Serving Those Who Serve Our Country.

For over three decades we have been the originator and marketer of “Pride, Celebration, & Memorial” products relating to the Pentagon, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and other government agencies. These commemorative items are preferred gifts during meaningful events and have been presented to the President of the United States, Department Secretaries, senior military commanders and civilians and the troops themselves.

It is clear from their response that these commemorative items have much meaning to the recipients, especially in this time of high expectation and stress on our men and women who serve our national defense.

At Fort America we believe the company is as much the product, as the product we sell. Furthermore it is our responsibility to be a reflection of the facility and project the pride felt by all who visit or work within. The owners, buyers, managers, and employees of Fort America believe in this concept and celebrate this concept through the way they conduct business and serve each customer every day.

It is our privilege to serve individuals responsible for our Nation’s Defense and to provide products and services to those who have chosen the honorable career of being a part of our Nation’s infrastructure, through government service.